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About Us

About Us

High-end Conversational design since 2017.

In 2017, two innovative and empathetic entrepreneurs set a goal to challenge the global status quo of Conversational AI by bringing together beautiful minds with unique skillsets.

We breathe language.

Starting on the DACH market, their passion for the art of human conversation – coupled with a vision of charismatic virtual assistants – have uncovered over 40 unique, like-minded talents.

That’s us, – or just ‘the VUIs’. At, we don’t just design assistants, we design our own way of working: we make flat hierarchies, digital security, and creative process work together.

We are passionate about language, linguistics, and communication. We’re curious by nature. We share an infectious laughter in the team. And we strive for awareness and observation of our environment to see what’s required to follow our holistic approach to conversation design.


Adrian Eiteneuer

Voice User Interface & Sound Architect

How did I explain to my grandma what I'm doing at – I teach computers how to talk.

Ina Baier

Voice User Interface Architect

Language is a simple tool to share our thoughts with each other. Used between man and machine, it allows a barrier-free future.

Dr. Sharmila Vaz

Senior Voice User Interface Architect

Cold and unfriendly voice assistants? - Not on my watch!

Veronika Wimmer

Voice User Interface Architect

Fascination for voice & speech begins with looking beyond the mere informational content of a linguistic utterance.

Valentina Ibba

Voice User Interface Architect

"The limits of my language mean the limits of my world" / L. Wittgenstein - Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus

Laura Schulte-Geers

Voice User Interface Architect

Interacting via voice should be the most natural thing in the world – no matter if it’s a machine or a human being you’re talking to.

Sandra Hindrischedt

Management Assistant

In our great team, it's not just a job but much more than that.